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HempXtra Affiliate Program

If you are excited about the health and wellness benefits of CBD and other HempXtra products, and want to share your enthusiasm with others… you can apply to become part of the HempXtra Affiliate Program.  We have quickly become a leader in the Hemp industry providing superior CBD products backed by an extensive social media network to help you build a sustainable business, and your timing couldn’t be better.

Why Partner with HempXtra?

  1. Earn up to 20% Commission on all Retail Sales
  2. Fast & Easy Monthly Commission Payments
  3. High Converting Website with Intuitive Interface
  4. Full-Time Affiliate Support
  5. Superior CBD Products

Before Submitting Your Application

HempXtra is an industry leader and our Affiliate Programs are some of the best in the fast paced and ever evolving CBD industry.  We have put in the manpower and resources to make this company the absolute best, and we need affiliates to share the same commitment.  Therefore, we are much stricter about who we work with on an affiliate basis than other companies in the industry.  Please see the following qualifications to become part of the HempXtra Affiliate Team before applying.           


  • Must have been in operation for at least 6 months
  • Must have more than 10,000 visits per month
  • Should not be overloaded with ads or sponsors
  • Appearance should be professional with a strong user interface


  • Must have an active following of at least 10,000 followers
  • Must not jeopardize the integrity of the HempXtra brand
  • May not slander or defame the product or HempXtra brand
  • Posts should be on a regular biweekly basis
  • Must include specialized Affiliate link in all posts


  • In the event that you do not meet all of our strict affiliate requirements, a one time fee of $250 will be collected during the review process to establish your affiliation with HempXtra.

Your Next Steps

  1. Apply with our simple application form
  2. Review process will take up to 7 business days, once you have applied.  This is to ensure that a good fit is established between and for all parties.
  3. Application Status and Notification will be made after HempXtra approves your application.  You will receive a custom email notifying you of the approval, as well as an email from the affiliate manager providing you with your exclusive login credentials.
  4. Affiliate Interface becomes available to you after using your exclusive login credentials to access the Affiliate Dashboard.  The Affiliate Dashboard is your source for all of the information you need as part of the HempXtra Affiliate Team.
  5. Referral URL Generator is found on the Affiliate Dashboard.  This is the section where you will generate unique affiliate links to place on your website to send traffic to HempXtra.  You can generate URLs and link to any page on the HempXtra website, although we recommend the home page or shop pages for maximum exposure.
  6. Tracking is simple.  Once you have generated your customized links, place them on your website or social media accounts.  Cookies will be placed in the browser for up to 30 days to track activity.  That means, if a customer visits HempXtra through one of your unique affiliate links, you will receive commission for any purchases that occur within 30 days of their first visit.  Yes… you will receive commission for repeat purchases throughout the 30-day period!
  7. Payment Disbursement is hassle-free! We follow a monthly payout schedule for our affiliate program. Your payment will be made by the 15th of the following month.  At this time, HempXtra offers payment disbursements through PayPal or Check.  Make sure if your contact email is separate from your PayPal payment information, that you specify that on your application.  You will be able to monitor your payments on the Affiliate Dashboard.

The HempXtra Affiliate Team

As part of the HempXtra Affiliate Team, you leverage your personal audience on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media… along with your blog or website to send traffic to HempXtra and collect commission based on the retail sales generated through your unique affiliate links.  You will collect up to 20% commission on any retail purchases made through your affiliate links.

The best thing about becoming part of the HempXtra Affiliate Team is that you are only responsible for maximizing the relevant traffic you send to HempXtra.  We take care of the manufacturing, shipping, and customer service.

Simply focus on your audience.  The way you earn the most money is by sending traffic to the HempXtra website with high volume and relevancy.  Great HempXtra Affiliates know how to leverage and influence their traffic and make good money by focusing on their core audience.

Introducing the “Your Affiliates” Program

  1. Refer New Affiliates

As a member of the HempXtra Affiliate Team, you not only get paid for your personal referrals, but also the referrals created within your network. “Your Affiliates” network is the group of affiliates that sign up with HempXtra to become a member of the HempXtra Affiliate Team through your affiliate links.

  1. Tiered Payments

If new affiliates sign up and join the HempXtra Affiliate Program through your links, you will receive “tiered” payments for all of the sales generated under that new affiliate.As part of the HempXtra Affiliate Team, you will receive 5% commission from all retail sales made through the “Your Affiliates” referral program.

  1. Income Potential

The “Your Affiliates” referral program helps create even more potential sources of income for you as a HempXtra Affiliate Team member.As an HempXtra Affiliate, you can focus on building your own audience and “Your Affiliates” at the same time.The income potential is limitless.

Refer and Earn

Please provide us with the following information to get started.